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UnPiloted Traffic Management

TSAW's Unpiloted Traffic Management (UTM), is a cutting-edge system designed to manage drones in an Airspace by providing efficient and safe management of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) through advanced automation, communication, and decision-making technologies.


Mission Planning

Easily plan and execute missions. Supercharge your pilots and fly more routes

Flight Approvals

Get flight approvals from ATC directly in the UTM system and fly your drone

Virtual Air Traffic Control

Manage and control the airspace around your drone

Collision Avoidance

Avoid collisions with other drones and aircrafts in the airspace

How it works


Register on the portal

Sign In to the portal and create an account. You can also sign in using your Google account

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Add and integrate your drones

Add your drones to the portal and integrate them with the UTM system. You can also add your drones using the QR code on the drone

utm tsaw

Create a flight plan and assign a drone

Create a flight plan and assign a drone to it. You can also assign a pilot to the flight plan

utm tsaw

Ask for approval and fly

Ask for approval from the UTM system and fly your drone. You can also track your drone's location and vitals in realtime

utm tsaw


A must have for every company using drones!

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