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Get more efficiency out of your solar facilities & resources Faster Surveys & planning to enable you to grow fast, keep up promised construction deadlines.

Cost Saving of average ₹ 1 lakh per MW in operations & more projects to maximise profitability
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Get more efficiency out of your solar facilities & resources Faster Surveys & planning to enable you to grow fast, keep up promised construction deadlines.

Cost Saving of average ₹ 1 lakh per MW in operations & more projects to maximise profitability
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Major issues managing fleet of Millions of indivual PV modules by PV Operators

Major issues managing fleet of Millions of indivual PV modules by PV Operators

Thermal Cycling

Thermal Cycling

Solar bond failure

Crack in Solar Cells

Damp Heat

Damp Heat

Corrosion of Cells

Delamination of Encapsulants

Humidity Freeze

Humidity Freeze

Junction box

adhesion failure

UV Exposure

UV Exposure

Discoloration &

backsheet degradation

Additional Issues

  •  Design & Manufacturing Defects
  •  Installation Problems
  • IV Curve Trace 20% of given site per year, a defect could go unnoticed for 5 years.
  • IV tracing or other string testing methodologies expose technicians to high-voltage DC components, posing arc flash hazard.

We, with our Partners
supporting for Solar PV Asset Lifecycle Management Needs

Geological Survey

Study of earth, such as energy, water & mineral resources.

Study of the environment.

Study of climate change.

Study of natural hazards like landslides, volcanoes, earthquakes & floods.

Geophysical Survey

    Study of soil compaction and underground features before excavation using Ground Penetration Radar Equipment to prevent soil settlement.

Topographical & Geotechnical Survey

    Info about soil consistency & structure, groundwater level and recommendations for technical projects.

    Following drilling, samples collected from ground are taken to the lab for analysis.

Major deliverables that we deliver to various solar farms & units

With countries now focusing on solar farms & units to meet it’s daily energy requirements, installing, managing & operating solar farms at their most efficient at a large scale become a challenge for the solar PV operators. Inadequate planning, delayed construction tasks leads to loss in bids & reliability.
We help you with all the stuff, in various stages of solar PV plants. Our few critical deliverables in Operations & Management are as:
about welcome image about welcome image

Drone bases imagery analysis includes

  • Physical Damage 
  • Cell Level Defects & Degradation 
  • Bad Diodes 
  • Strings or Modules offine 
  • Soiling 
  • Shading 
  • Potential Induced Degradation, PID
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Module Mismatch
  • Rack shifts
  • Vegetation encroachment
  • Foreign Objects

Moving to a paperless industry standards

Moving to a paperless industry standards

From the comforts of your office, making you more effcient with updated multiple site information

What's New?

What's New?

Making site inspection & monitoring completely online

With TSAW advanced streaming technology & smart AI powered online dashboard, it provides users with quite seamless experience, drastically reduces required number of times for site visiting and helps keep efficient tracking of subcontractors work deliverables in terms of time & quality. Whole site assets & management will be available online.

Moving to a paperless industry standard

Conventionally, everything right from bidding for a project, plant planning & designing, tracking construction & to deliver on time with quality ensured, Operations & management with max plant efficiency, the whole process is either on paper or done through completely independent softwares. TSAW is bringing power by integrating everything to a single intelligent dashboard, where all the process can be tracked & visualised from a single place.


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Drones for maximising Solar PV profitability

Plan safety from floods & fast land acquisitions

With land surveying, gradient profiling & intelligent report generation techniques, reduce damage from act of god to improve total plant up time.

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Inspect all sites from comfort of your office

Using our cloud based web platform, you can track plants, projects & even have an on demand live streaming for any inspection.

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Plan, build & manage solar assets better

From bidding, project planning, land acquisitions, construction, time management, quality check to daily plant operations, everything from a single dashboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Inspection data, if not standardised properly, asset managers can experience difficulties predicting failures, identifying problematic components fleet-wide & conducting other critical analysis.

Drones are revolution for the solar industry, cutting down huge costs, & automating most complex O&M. Critical benefits are as below:
  1. Reduce inspection time by around 90%.
  2. Identify 10 times as many issues.
  3. Limit hazardous manhours.
  4. Lower data acquistion costs.
  5. Standardize data collection to understand how assets are ageing.
  6. Predict future outages & prioritizes needed repairs.

Non-energy risk factors often lead to underperformance or module failure. Example, Grouping of Hotspots or sub-string failures on a site will not cause immediate energy loss, but such issues might be leading indicators of serious serial defects.

For Operators: Reduce outages & prioritize maintainence to stay within Service Level Agreements.

For Owners: can use data to manage assets over a lifetime, selecting operators and materials that consistently maintain the best outputs.

For insurers & claim adjusters: can get a comprehensive view of assets bbefore paying warranty or damage claims.

Creating/Developing own Drone Program isn't always cost-effective. This method requires a greater upfront investment of your time, capital, and labor, and exposes your program to aerospace regulatory and safety risks. Not to mention, you’ll need to stay apprised of changes in technology and regulations.

Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 Site 4
Size 74MW 30MW 21MW 12.5MW
Drone Inspection Time 24Hrs 6Hrs 7Hrs 4Hrs
Manual Inspection Time 778 Hrs 293 Hrs 208 Hrs 195 Hrs
Hazardous Manhours Avoideed 754 Hrs 287 Hrs 201 Hrs 191 Hrs
increased Efficiency 97 % 98 % 97 % 98 %
Net Cost Saving $68,399 $25,485 $17,063 $19,552