Current application of drone technology in the security sector and its impact.

It’s evident that drones have a positive impact on every public safety sector, some of them being:


While monitoring a location for an indefinite time with the assistance of drones, the security personnel gets the benefit of discretion, not to mention safety.


From detecting and assessing a fire spread to flying in emergency supplies to inaccessible areas, drones are proving to be of great use to fire departments everywhere and are being rapidly adopted.


Thermal imaging enables officers to locate all prisoners and keep a check on someone attempting to sneak in or out of the grounds.


Fleets of drones are being deployed to deliver emergency medical supplies and other essentials in disaster-stricken regions. Also, drones are also being adopted to locate and rescue drowning or submerged victims.


Drones are of great use to scan a crowd for a perpetrator or as simple as monitoring over a protest to check for violence and vandalism.


Drones with inbuilt sensors can detect and assess a hazardous leak or a spill, determine the range and help identify a safe entry and exit for the safety team.

Drones have become an indispensable part of security teams worldwide, thanks to their swiftness, portability and precision. There are several sectors where we are yet to see the surge in drone technology application and until that day, let’s just keep soaring.

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