Why have UAVs become a must-have for all public safety operations today?

In today’s day and age, drones are proving to be a vital component of security infrastructures all around the globe. Here’s why-

  • They can easily access out of reach areas:

Be it high altitude sites or remote locations, drones come in handy to access otherwise (manually) out of reach areas.

  • They alleviate manpower (workforce):

Drones assist officers significantly as they reduce the time the workforce has to expend on recording footages, during an investigation or operation.

  • They empower surveillance operations:

In operations that can go on for an indefinite time, drones can provide the security personnel more safety and benefit, while being monitored from a centralized base.

  • Search and Rescue Operations are no more difficult to operate:

With time being the constraint in several rescue missions, drones prove to be effective as they can conduct searches by quickly covering the area and also function in the night via thermal imaging.

  • They are great for Crowd Monitoring:

Drones can easily scan through a crowd and possibly follow a perpetrator in the event of an attack or threat.

  • Disaster Relief operations (Dispatch and delivery):

In times of emergencies, drones are capable of supplying essentials to disaster struck sites whilst rescue efforts are still underway.

  • Detecting and Assessing fires:

Fire departments too, deploy UAVs to assess the cause and the possible spread of fire and their thermal imaging feature, tells the crew where the victims might be stuck in case of a fire emergency.

Various public safety departments look up to this technology to improve visibility, access critical situations and help save lives.

Acknowledging drone technology and implementing it in a sector that needs its assistance most, is a major step towards our own safety and well-being.

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