The Drone Spectacle

Capturing the world out there from kilometres above the ground, exploring new realms of applications, these aerial vehicles have certainly given a different angle to how we perceive this amazing world of ours! 

Hola Amigos! We present before you, the world from a Drone’s perspective!

Technology has soared in recent times and one of our biggest achievements has been our making up for the lack of manpower thereby making room for the optimal use of human resource. Drones are the backbone of this technology and that’s why we got to talking with some very special guests for today: UAVs Garud, Jatayu and Maruthi. Excerpts from the conversation are below: 


Interviewer: We’re glad you could take some time out of your packed schedules for our interview today.

Jatayu: Well it’s always good to be helping others. Speaking of schedules, well yeah, with this pandemic scenario worsening, my deployments have increased since surveillance operations are right on the go. It’s a tricky business to monitor all the locations but I am always vigilant and swift. 

Garud: Yes, it’s a pleasure to be able to help. Like how I help our very own farmers who need quite some technical assistance with the entire process- planning, pest control, crop growth information etc. We don’t necessarily like floating high up in the sky all the time; we do it for you. 

Interviewer: And we couldn’t be more grateful.

Maruthi: Today, drones are also becoming a part of the normal life for many, not just the tech-based or for military purposes. Many travellers carry our nano and micro brethren along while exploring the beauty of mother Earth to capture it from an angle they could never have. They are used for recreational activities and are also pretty cool to flex. 

Interviewer: Sure! I own one myself. Though it was only after 2018 that I got it to fly, the regulations we’re pretty stringent before.

Jatayu: But only necessary. Drones today can be used for many illicit purposes which brings us to the conclusion that technology comes with the sense of responsibility and discipline. But once the rules laid down by the government are followed, we can be of unprecedented use to humanity.

Interviewer: That’s right! Coming to the brighter side of the discussion, could you share your experience high up there in the sky?

Garud: I’d like to answer that first. The world from the eyes of a drone, like myself, flying 400ft above from the ground is a moment of celebration and appreciation. Science and Technology have given mankind a hope in the dark and it only makes sense to utilise it with caution and a sense of responsibility.

Maruthi: Drones are in all ways a big achievement for man and open room for several advancements in the fields of Security, Logistics, Agriculture, Business and Recreation. What we bring to the table is a very promising picture for tomorrow.

Jatayu: And it’s time. Thanks for having me here again but I have to be leaving any minute for my duty.

Interviewer: It was a pleasure speaking to you all. Any message for us?Jatayu, Garud, Maruthi (inunison): Keep soaring higher!

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