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Hey there! Meet Us

A team that believes in Drones & related technology could rewrite the world plan to transform humanity

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Drones, a very simple piece of equipment, with the most advanced set of technologies evolved over decades, are among few marvel of technology that humans have created. It has a huge potential to revolutionise traditional ways of doing that across all domains. It have to be ensured that the benefit of technology should reach every last individual to provide them with their best opportunity to live life, though it’s in medical supplies, assistance during some calamity, resource monitoring etc and not limited to few who own the thing.

Here’s TSAW Drones comes into picture. Starting with meeting the demand supply gap, we have envisioned a dedicated marketplace for drones, technology & related services. One stop shop for any drone related needs. We partner with expert companies across sectors, to address conventional problems/ in-efficiencies and come up with an end-to-end complete solution. We started with Public Safety use-cases & are slowly moving towards other industries, to solve their problems with our revolutionizing technology and unique execution techniques.

In our country, with strict drone regulations, most drones operating in 2021 are illegal in nature, as they do not comply with rules. We at TSAW Drones, being at the front, leading as a marketplace, feels it as our responsibility to push more & more legal drones, along with spreading awareness of do’s & don'ts. Major concern over here, existing players should not lose jobs in the transition.

Key points, on how we are doing it:

  • Standard & defined services with SOPs in place as per rules laid by DGCA.
  • Facility to avail collateral free EMI, to operators to promote more Indian drones purchase.
  • Standard & defined services with SOP as per DGCA mandates.
  • Mandatory integrated insurance, covering for hull damage and third party liabilities. This will ensure safe operations.
  • Enhanced accessibility and affordable AI derived prices to customers, to further push demand.
  • Advanced & standard cloud infrastructure in place, to enable process, sharing & storage of data that is collected.
  • Spreading awareness & teaching operators, on to respect personal privacy of others, & maintaining data integrity.

Major Challenges in the sector that we are catering to

There are a lot of major challenges in Indian ecosystem that we as stakeholders are working towards. Few of them that are critical have been listed.
about welcome image about welcome image